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Max Covering was incorporated in year 2011 has become one of the leading supplier of building material products and furniture fitting in Malaysia. One of our building material, Porcelain has the most advanced technology, combined with the high level of know-how, ability to ensure high-quality products, efficient production and services to clients.

The philosophy of Max Covering has always been aimed at combining innovation and with and exceedingly high quality products. Over the years of steady growth, experience, expertise, constant research, creation and development of new products and concepts has allowed our products porcelain to be present across whole Malaysia market. Our company network now goes beyond sales in Thailand and neighbouring counties across South- East Asia.

Max Covering also well-known as kitchen and bathroom contractor in Malaysia. A new covering concept for today’s projects, expressing all the potential of porcelain in a product of unrivalled performance and appearance. Giant size & durable porcelain slab suited for kitchen, bathroom, indoors and outdoor furniture, wall cladding, flooring, hospitality and wellness business.

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